The Civil War is coming to life at

The Battle of Deep Creek,

near Spokane, Washington, May 27th-29th 2017

Come and see for yourself the most turbulent times our country has ever endured — the Civil War.

Hear the crash and boom of the artillery. Feel the weight of the rifles and packs that the soldiers carried. Meet the fine ladies in their gorgeous dresses. Watch as battles are reenacted, and honor the 700,000 men who died for their beliefs.

All this at the Deep Creek Civil War Reenactment just outside Spokane, WA, May 26th, 27th, & 28th in 2018.

Sunday Night special:

Black Powder Light Show and Lantern Walk

Join us on Sunday evening at 8:30 pm for a very unique, exciting, and moving Civil War experience! We'll kick things off with a bang in the most awe-inspiring light show on this side of the Mississippi as the valley is shaken and illuminated with artillery fire and flames leap from lines of massed muskets.

Once you've quenched your thirst for explosions, travel time with our guides and take a peek at the somber nightime camps of the armies. Be a fly on a wall at a Civil War field hospital, watching the overworked surgeon attend to his patients; listen in on a conversation between a young soldier and a chaplain; join a soldier at his lonely picket post.

Admission will be $10 per adult and $5 for children under 18.



Cash please.
$25 for the whole family
$10 per adult (18 plus)
$5 per youth (13-17)
FREE 12 and under
FREE active military and family!
$10 per adult and $5 per youth under 18 for the Sunday Night Special.


From I-90, take exit 277 for Hwy 2 toward Davenport. Drive 13 miles and turn right onto Deep Creek Road. Drive 2.2 miles and arrive at the event location.

Get directions in Google Maps!

Deep Creek Farms
811 North Deep Creek Road‬
Medical Lake, WA 99022‬


Saturday & Sunday, May 26 & 27

8:30 am: Gates open!
9:00 am (Sunday): C.S. church — C.S. camp
9:00 am (Sunday): U.S. church — Pavillion
10:00 am: Artillery demo — Battlefield
11:00 am: Battle — Battlefield
Noon: Medical demo — U.S. Medical camp
1:30 pm: Infantry demo — Battlefield
3:00 pm: Battle — Battlefield
4:00 pm (Saturday): Cavalry demo — C.S. Cav. Camp
4:00 pm (Sunday): Cavalry demo — Battlefield
5:00 pm: Reenactment closes
8:00 pm (Sunday): Gates open for lantern walk

Monday, May 28

8:30 am: Reenactment opens!
10:00 am: Artillery demo — Battlefield
11:30 am: Cavalry demo — Battlefield
Noon: Medical demo — U.S. Medical camp
1:00 pm: Battle — Battlefield
After battle: Memorial day service — Battlefield
2:00 pm: Reenactment closes


Free parking
Water spigots
Port-a-Johns (wheelchair-accessible)
Limited battlefield seating
Pavilion seating

Packing List

2017 Special Presentations

Join us at the pavilion (in the center of civillian camp, near the sutlers) for educational and entertaining presentations by some of our brightest living historians throughout the weekend. Get in-depth looks into the times of the Civil War, and meet some of the famous characters of the war! Here's what we had going on last year, check back later for this year's list:

I Think We Are Near the End at Last

Saturday, Sunday 2:00 pm
Lincoln and Grant discuss the war.
By Keith Deaton and Don McConnell

Lee's Army

Saturday, Sunday 1:00 pm,
Monday 12:30 pm

The Army of Northern Virginia.
By Roy Talbot

The Fighting Elite

Saturday, Sunday, Monday 10:00 am
Civil War United States Sharpshooters
by Ethan Whitehall

The Plantation Mistress

Sunday 10:00 am
Her duties and the truth about life on plantations.
by Bettie Russo

Under M'Lady's Dress

Saturday, Monday 9:00 am
The underpinnings of the Civil War era.
by Sharron Bortz

Widow's Weeds and Coffin Bells

Sunday 12:00, Monday 10:30 am
Mourning 1860's Style
by Chris Marshall

Hard Bread & Salt Horse

Sunday 1:30 pm
How the soldiers filled their haversacks and stomachs.
by Caleb Grove and Austin Rice

Women in Civil War Medicine

Saturday, Sunday 4:00 pm
Their contribution to medical aid.
by Mike Inman

Watch Out!
The Lady is a Spy

Saturday, Monday 9:30 am
Female spies during the Civil War.
by Sherrie Taylor

Blisters & Blanket-Rolls

Monday 11:00 am
The everyday trials and tribulations of the infantry soldier on the march.
by Caleb Grove and Austin Rice

Robert E. Lee Growing Up

Saturday 12:30 pm
by Marjorie Casper

The Great Experiment

Saturday, Sunday 10:30 am
Reconnaissance balloons in the Union Army.
by Mac Buff

The Miracle Man's Medicine Show

Saturday, Sunday 4:30 pm
by Joseph Taylor

Robert E. Lee

Sunday 12:30 pm
West Point to Confederate General
by Marjorie Casper


Saturday 1:30 pm, Monday 11:30 am
The role of the cavalry, North and South.
by Bob Davisson & Rich Bright

The Victorian Ladies

Sunday 12:30 pm
Their garments and neccessities.
by Bettie Russo

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